Club Leaders:

Corrina Houser         812-607-0880
Kailee Cloutier          812-240-5759

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All meeting are held at the Shelburn American Legion (824 N Washington St, Shelburn) 
6:00 to 7:30 pm

Feb. 7th
Feb. 23rd

Mar. 7th
Mar. 23rd

 April 4th
April 23rd

May 2nd
May 25th

June 6th
June 22nd

Club Leaders:

Patti Brenden 812-699-9912

Kerri Shreve  812-665-9316 

 Mar 6                 June 5              

Mar 27               June 20            

Apr 10               July 3

April 24            July 10 (book signing)

May 8                August 14

May 22

All meetings start at 6pm and will be at old Dugger Community Building.

March 6th meeting will be election of officers and setting up a fundraiser.

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Club Leaders:

Melissa Stearley        812-454-3518
Donna Brooks            812-564-0174 

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Apr 3

May 1

June 5

Meetings are held at the New Lebanon Community Building at 7pm.






Club Leaders:

Shane Monroe       812-691-0698
Rick Monroe           812-691-0821 
Trisha Deckard       812-249-0488 

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Carlisle Community Building


Club Leaders:     

Kennedy Gofourth   812-239-0056 
Carmen Gofourth     812-236-0763 
Hollie Bowman         812-249-3768 

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Meetings are the second Monday of each month at 6:00 pm.  
Meeting will be held at different locations around town. 

🍀 February  meeting is going to be at Maddogs restaurant and bowl for bowling and pizza! We will also be bringing in items for the human shelter and I will post a list of items they need soon.
🍀March 13 meeting will be at the fair grounds. We will be having a career fair!
🍀April 10 meeting will be in Merom at the bluff with more details to come
🍀May 8 meeting will be at the fairgrounds and we will learn how to grill/cook! We will bring in items for brown baggers and I will get a list from them and post it closer to time.
🍀June 12 meeting will hopefully be at the park & lake where we will paint our kindness rocks and make pin holders!
🍀July 10 is book signing


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Club Leader:

Ashley Hauser        812-239-4576 

Christy Scott            812-394-2117 

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Hymera Ruritan Building at 7:00 pm

February 2
March 2
April 6
May 4
June 1
July 6


Club Leader:

Pam Irvin             812-564-0113  

 Located at 4- H Building on the fairgrounds 7 to 8 pm. Please be prompt.

March 14- Receive green record book and     premium money, Election of officers

April 10-  Turn in Plant orders to Pam.

May 16

May 30- Support Humane Shelter.

June 12

June 26

Parents/ Guardian are welcome to stay.



Club Leaders:

Ann Hitt            812-890-6169 
Robin Rice        765-366-6842  

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Graysville Cafe.