Model Diorama

Description: Members must assemble at least one plastic model and display on a case.

  • Pre-painted models are not allowed.
  • Completed model and scenery will be judged as a whole.
  • Members can use wood, plaster, or any other item to build the diorama.

Division I- Grades 3 and 4

  • Members construct one unpainted model on a base that does not exceed 18” X 18”.

Division II- Grades 5- 7

  • Members construct at least one painted plastic model on a base that does not exceed 24” X 24.”

Division III- Grades 8-12

  • Members construct at least two painted plastic models in the diorama, not to exceed 30 inches in largest dimension.

NOTE: All Divisions are to submit the completed model(s), the base, the 4-H Model Diorama record sheet, and the models’ instruction sheets.