Microwave Foods

Description: *See Food Safety Policy in Foods - Baked Items*

For baked product competitions: Filling, frosting, glazing, pie filling, and meringue, (whether uncooked or cooked) are not permitted to contain cream cheese, whipped cream, unpasteurized milk or uncooked eggs/egg whites (these require refrigeration).If you bring in a “perishable product” it WON’T be judged. You’ll receive a participation ribbon only. No home canned fruits, vegetables, or meats are permitted in products. Recipes must be provided that show which ingredients were used in each part of the product. Contestants should carefully wash their hands and make sure that their hands do not have any open cuts before preparing foods. Whenever possible, baked products should be transported and stored in chilled coolers (41 F).

  1. The Microwave project requires that ONLY regular microwaves can be used. Combination microwave/ convection ovens are NOT permitted.
  2. All products should be displayed on a foil covered cardboard (avoid excessive decoration) that is disposable, no more than 1” larger than the product.
  3. All foods exhibited must be cooled to room temperature prior to time of judging. For judging, all food exhibits must include recipe with ingredients and directions on the recipe sheet located in the back of this manual or call the County Extension office for a recipe sheet. Do not alter or decorate the recipe sheet.
  4. Members are encouraged to make all products from scratch, although mixes are acceptable.
  5. Cakes must be removed from their original baking containers and placed on a disposable cardboard display.
  6. Use the State Foods recipe card from the back of the Fair Book. Include yield.
  7. This project has open judging.

EXHIBIT a product in one of the following areas:

  • Division 1 - 3rd Grade - Fudge (6 pieces, 1“ x 1” square)
  • Division 2 - 4th Grade - Bar, drop or molded cookies (brownies, etc.) (Exhibit 6)
  • Division 3 - 5th Grade - Muffins (Exhibit 6)
  • Division 4 - 6th Grade - A one layer white, yellow or chocolate cake without icing.
  • Division 5 ( 7th Grade )- Pineapple upside-down cake
  • Division 6 (8th Grade) - Two layer cake (iced)
  • Division 7 – 10 (9th - 12th Grade) - A non-perishable baked product of your choosing. Example: pie, torte, cobbler, coffeecake, bread, etc. Cobblers and pies should be left in their original baking containers when brought in for judging.