Memory Achievement Box

Description: This project encourages 4-H members to keep records of their 4-H club work in an organized way that will assist in preparing an Achievement Record Book. It also encourages 4- H’ers to plan a good program, set realistic goals, carry out projects and activities, exercise some leadership in the project and keep regular periodic records of what was done and learned. Memory Achievement Booklets (obtained from your coordinator or the Extension Office or purchased on-line) MUST BE filled in, following the directions as listed in the booklet. Use of other forms will result in the project being lowered one letter grade.


  • Your record tells your 4-H story for awards and recognition. Be sure it represents you.
  • It serves as a record of your 4-H experiences and cherished memories of your 4-H days.
  • To achieve awards, trips and scholarships.


  •  For members 4th grade through 9th grade.