Horseless Horseman

Description: *This is a poster project. Turn in a division appropriate poster following the “Poster Exhibit Guidelines” found in the front of this handbook and completed project workbook (available at the extension office). This project is open to all 4-H members (with or without horses)! The purpose of the project is:

  1. Develop an appreciation and love of horses.
  2. Promote greater love for animals and a humane attitude toward them.
  3. Learn about horsemanship and an understanding the anatomy and science; raising and training; breeds and equipment; and all other aspects of equine.
  4. Increase knowledge and safety precautions around horses.


Members may study the following from the project handbook (available at the Extension office) or suggested book(s):

  • Safety rules and precautions
  • Glossary of horse terms
  • Parts of a horse
  • Proper veterinarian care
  • Proper hoof care
  • Breed of horses and ponies


Suggested Books/Manuals:

These manuals may be available with the Purdue Extension Office. Call and check in with them regarding availability. 

Horse 1: Giddy Up & Go

Horse 2: Head, Heart & Hooves 

Horse 3: Stable Relationships 

Horse 4: Riding the Range

Horse 5: Jumping to New Heights 

Horse Group Activity Helper's Guide

* The above books are not necessary as you may find information online .


Exhibit Guidelines:

  1. EXHIBIT your project workbook and poster at the county 4-H Fair. (EXHIBIT a division appropriate poster following the “Poster Exhibit Guidelines” in the front of this handbook, and completed project workbook based on division attached to the backside of your poster. Suggested poster topics are listed in the Horseless Horseman Project Workbook.) Labels are provided at project check in. Please leave a space in the lower right corner of the poster for your label.
  2. Complete your project workbook by section determined by level (Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced).
    • Beginner Division: Complete 1 to 2 pages a year in Section I
    • Intermediate Division: Section I should be completed & complete 1 to 2 pages per year in Section II.
    • Advanced Division: Sections I & II should be completed already & complete 1 to 2 pages per year in Section III. (All pages should be complete on your last year.)
  1. Project Workbook Guidelines A-D (located in Project Workbook)
  2. Complete the following. Record the dates in the project workbook.
    • Complete section level(s) in workbook.
    • Learn about preparing a horse for a horse show
  1. You are not limited to the suggestions in the county project workbook. Suggestions to investigate and try:
    • Attend a horse show
    • Help at a horse show
    • Tour a stable
    • Visit a county horse and pony club meeting
    • Visit a township horse and pony club meeting.

The more advanced division you are in, the harder your poster subject should be. Repeating a subject from one year to the next is not permissible.

BEGINNER DIVISION – Grades 3-5 (suggested)

INTERMEDIATE DIVISION – Grades 6-8 (suggested)

ADVANCED DIVISION – Grades 9-12 (suggested)