Creative Cooking

Description: *See Food Safety Policy in Foods - Baked Items*

You may participate in this project along with foods, food preservation, consumer dairy, grilling and microwave foods.

All projects are to be made from scratch, no box mixes or bread machines.

Projects need to have a recipe done on an index card any size or designed by you (do not use the one for foods for state fair).

Yield needs to be on recipe card. Suggest you cover your recipe card with plastic to protect it. Each display is to be on a cardboard covered no larger than 1" from baked products edge. No alcohol, whipping cream, or home canned fruits, vegetables, or meats are permitted to be used in products. 4-Her should carefully wash their hands and make sure their hands do not have any open cuts before preparing food. 4-Her should not be preparing food exhibits for competition within 48 hours of recovering from any illness.

Tasting of a food product is solely at the discretion of the judge.

All baked products must be cooled to room temperature before packing to bring for judging. All food exhibits must include recipe with ingredients and directions. Exhibit 6 for cookies, muffins, and doughnuts. Cakes, breads, and tea rings, exhibit 1 item.

This project will be graded on creativity, presentation, and taste along with normal baking judging as texture, flavor, and color.

This project has open judging.


Exhibit Guidelines:

  • Grade 3- exhibit 6 cookies, cut out cookies frosted or not. For example sugar, gingerbread, and shortbread.
  • Grade 4- exhibit 6 muffins with or without topping or glaze. No muffin papers can be used.
  • Grade 5- exhibit 1 regular size loaf of quick bread. For example banana nut bread, cherry nut bread, zucchini bread.
  • Grade 6-exhibit a Holiday or Special occasion baked product. Include on recipe card what the product is to be used for.
  • Grade 7- exhibit 1 Angel Food Cake from scratch. No box mixes will be allowed.
  • Grade 8- exhibit 6 doughnuts that are cake or yeast.
  • Grade 9- exhibit 1 Tea Ring made with yeast may be sweet dough recipe and should be decorated. Remember not to make it large.
  • Grade 10- exhibit an International non-perishable baked dessert. Include what country this product is from and what occasion it is used for.
  • Grade 11- exhibit 1 box of Candy. Size of box needs to be appropriate size for the candy you have made. Display at least 6 pieces of candy.
  • Grade 12- exhibit 1 double layer cake with filling and frosting. NO whipped cream frosting will be allowed do to being perishable. Be creative with your decorations.