Go Hunting

Not Eligible for the State Fair
Beginner Grade 3-5 Intermediate Grade 6-8 Advanced Grade 9-12

SAFETY FIRST: Make sure you follow all the safe practices outlined by the DNR and your family!! Make sure these are reviewed with your parents prior to hunting. Additionally, make sure your parents are present when and where you hunt. Make sure hunter safety classes are completed before hunting. Also safety is a big part of the 4-H Shotgun and Archery programs. We recommend taking these before hunting. If you have questions about this, please call our office and we will give you the leaders number so you can discuss this further.

  1. Go hunting. The more you hunt the more fun you will have.
  2.  Completing the exhibit for the fair:
    a. Take pictures of your hunt(s) and what you bagged on your hunt.
    b. Glue or tape the pictures of your hunt(s) and what you hunted on the poster.
    c. You may use 3 - 8 pictures. Include a caption under each picture.
    d. Add details about the hunt to your hunting log and the techniques, equipment and strategies used. Also add information on the place you hunted.
    e. You may add items bagged from your hunt to your poster. They must be well preserved. Items from hunt (deer rack, turkey beard & spurs, rabbit or coyote pelt, stuffed duck or pheasant, etc.) If item is too big to fit on poster, you may bring an item with your poster. Be sure to label it with your name and make sure your poster mentions the item specifically so the judge will look for it.
    f. You must have bagged the item used on display or/and in the pictures since last year’s fair.
    g. In judging logs: Factors will be neatness, what you bagged, and description of trip(s) details. Multiple trips (up to 5) can lead to higher scoring as it shows more detail, more hunting, can help with numbers of animals hunted. However, one trip is all that is required for a ribbon.
    h. Place the log in a page protector and tape the log to the front of the poster.
    i. Take care to lay out pictures and captions neatly. Using colored backing for pictures and captions is recommended for appearance.