See Special Poster Rules under Rules for General Projects

1. Exhibit collection neatly and attractively in one of these 3 methods
  • Enclosed in some type of box/container SIZE
  • In a notebook
  • On a poster (22"x 28”) displayed horizontally

2. Exhibit may be a continuation of member’s previous collection or a new
collection consisting of the appropriate number of items.

3. All items must be labeled. Example: "Matchbook cover given to me by my father.” “Button from my mother's wedding dress".

4. No live items are acceptable.

5. If collection is too large or valuable to exhibit, exhibit in a notebook with photos and descriptions of your collection. Photo quality will not be judged EXHIBIT


Beginners:            Grade 3: 6 items       Grade 4: 8 items          Grade 5: 10 items
Intermediate:        Grade 6: 12 items     Grade 7: 14 items        Grade 8: 16 items
Advanced:            Grade 9: 18 items     Grade 10; 20 items      Grade 11: 22 items       Grade 12: 24 items

NOTE: Leaves, insects, weeds, and rocks are NOT to be exhibited in the Collections project. 4-H members must enroll and complete the Forestry, Entomology, Weeds or Geology projects to exhibit these items.

Collections Scorecard

Thought, effort & creativity _________20 Points Possible
Educational value _________20 Points Possible
Neatness and display _________20 Points Possible
Knowledge of collection _________ 20 Points Possible
Meets requirements _________20 Points Possible