Project Guidelines

Division 1, Grade 3:

Exhibit a poster with at least six different pictures showing you playing the sport in which you have chosen for this project.

Division 2, Grade 4:

Exhibit a poster showing the complete uniform to be worn. Include helmet, kneepads, etc. Each item should be labeled with the name of the item, and the price for each item. This should allow someone not familiar with the sport an idea as to what is needed and how much it will cost.

Division 3, Grade 5:

Exhibit a poster illustrating the dimensions of the field, court, alley, pool, etc. Each dimension should be clearly stated as well as the base line, free throw line, serving line, etc. Your poster should be specific enough to allow someone to set up the field, court, etc. themselves in an area not already marked.

Division 4, Grade 6:

Exhibit a poster showing at least four different techniques used when playing the sport. Each technique should be labeled and have a brief description of how it aids or does not aid when playing the sport.

Division 5, Grade 7:

Exhibit a poster showing at least four well-known athletes in the sport you have chosen. Each athlete should have a brief description of who they are, what team they play for, and a list of their accomplishments in the sport.

Division 6, Grade 8:

Exhibit a sports safety poster. This may include safety items to wear, helmet, gloves, etc. that may or may not be a required part of the sport uniform or safety techniques that can be used to avoid injured. You may show a first aid kit with items that are to be kept close by, etc.

Division 7, Grade 9:

Exhibit a poster showing an offensive or defensive play or position used while playing the sport. Each player should be labeled with the proper position. The poster should give the name of the play or position, and describe its effectiveness when playing the sport.

Division 8, Grade 10:

Exhibit a poster showing a proper diet for an athlete in training. The poster should show a three-day menu with the proper nutrition requirements.

Division 9, Grade 11:

Exhibit a poster showing a workout schedule for an athlete in training for a particular sport. The program should be shown for three days. Illustrations may be used.

Division 10, Grade 12:

Exhibit a report on the history of the sport. The report should include things such as: when and where the sport was first played, legend athletes, how the sport has changed over the years, etc. This should be typed, have a cover page, and exhibited in a clear plastic cover.