Mini Farm Animal Project

2024 Montgomery County Mini Farm Animal Project

 Dear Mini 4-H member and parents,

I am very excited that you have chosen to be in Mini 4-H! This will be a great experience for you and for your family, and I hope to be a valuable resource for you as you go through the Mini 4-H program.

I am excited to continue the Mini Farm Animal Project which allows Mini 4-H members to exhibit livestock at the Montgomery County 4-H Fair in the following species: Swine, Sheep, Goats, Rabbits, Poultry, and *NEW* for this year, Dog.

Mini 4-H’ers who would like to exhibit must follow the rules for exhibition and exhibit requirements set forth in this letter. They are as follows:

      Rules for Exhibition

  1. A Mini 4-H member may sign up for the “Farm Animal” project and exhibit up to two species at the Montgomery County 4-H Fair. They do not need to own animals, or even live on a farm to exhibit an animal in this project. The Mini 4-H member does not have to exhibit animals to complete the “Farm Animal” project; it is just an added option for members.
  2. The Mini 4-H member may show up to two species, weighing less than 300 pounds each (swine, sheep, goats, rabbits, poultry, dog).
  3. A Mini 4-H member must have a 4-H mentor (a current 4-H member), who is at least a 5th year member of that specific project.
  4. Mini 4-H members are encouraged to choose their own mentor. The mentor must be a 4-H member who participates in 4-H in Montgomery County and meets the 5th year requirement. It is the responsibility of the Mini 4-H member and their parents to contact and set this arrangement up before filling out the enrollment form.
  5. It is strongly encouraged that the Mini 4-H member locates a mentor that they would like to work with. However, if a Mini 4-H member does not know of someone that can serve as their mentor, the Extension office will assist the Mini 4-H member in locating one. Please contact the Extension office for assistance. The goal of this project is to allow any Mini 4-H member to participate. 
  6. A mentor can be assigned to two Mini 4-H members, if they would like. (We understand for some families and certain situations, this may be the best option). However, the mentor needs to take into account the time commitment involved with mentoring two Mini 4-H members.
  7. The Mini 4-H member cannot exhibit his/her own animal, but will show an animal already being exhibited at the Montgomery County 4-H Fair. Mini 4-H members CAN show a siblings animal that is already being exhibited at the Montgomery County 4-H Fair.
  8. All animals on exhibit should meet the regulations of the Indiana Board of Animal Health Requirements for exhibition.
  9. The Mini 4-H member will be required to work with the animal in three, one-hour sessions, before exhibiting at the fair. Arrangements for these sessions will be left to the Mini 4-H’ers family and mentor.
  10. For those choosing dog as one of their species, Mini 4-H members will come to the already scheduled dog practices to use the mentor’s dog. Again, Mini 4-H members will NOT go to the mentors home if choosing dog as one of their species. They MUST come to dog practices to work with the mentor and their dog. Similar to the other species, the Mini 4-H member (with the assistance of the mentor) will use the mentor’s dog to “show” during the fair.
  11. The safety policy for Mini 4-H members must be followed. Those safety policies are outlined in the enclosed liability release form. If you have any questions, you may call the Extension office.


Exhibit Requirements

  1. The Mini 4-H member will show his/her assigned animal in a non-competitive Mini 4-H Showmanship class during the 4-H Livestock Specie Show. (Example – Mini 4-H Swine at Swine Show, Mini 4-H Sheep at Sheep Show, etc.)
  2. The Mini 4-H members will not be placed, but the judge will be encouraged to give helpful hints for future exhibition.
  3. The mentor must be in the ring to assist the Mini 4-H member. If a mentor is assisting two Mini 4-H members, they will be placed between them in the arena, so that they can assist both members. 

The goal of this project is to allow Mini 4-H members a chance to practice their skills in the show arena, as well as learn what goes into taking care of and exhibiting an animal at the Montgomery County 4-H Fair. My hope is that this project will encourage Mini 4-H members to try something new, learn life-long skills, make new friends, and gain an excitement for 4-H that they will carry with them throughout a 10 year 4-H career.

Contact Us

If you would like to participate in this project, please complete the Mini 4-H Livestock Exhibitor form and Mini 4-H Liability Release form and return it to the Extension office by June 14th:

Montgomery County Extension Office

400 Parke Ave

Crawfordsville, IN 47933

Release Form Deadline

Please dont forget, the deadline for submitting the exhibitor and liability release form is June 14th.   

We look forward to working with you at the 2024 Montgomery County Fair.


Abby Morgan

4-H Youth Development Extension Educator

Purdue Extension-Montgomery County