LaGrange County 4-H - Crops

No State Fair Exhibit

All crop records should be completed (estimate yield and use current market prices), signed by the leader and turned in by July 1. 

All record sheets should state if crop was from an irrigated field or a non-irrigated field. 

For all Crops entries, the exhibitor should include a narrative summary of his or her experience with the project, such as when the crop was planted, weeding/herbicide use, insects/pesticide use, other special circumstances, and harvest date (if applicable). The narrative should be typed or legibly handwritten, and enclosed in a clear plastic sheet cover, sealed baggie, or envelope.

ALFALFA - All Divisions - Exhibit one slice of alfalfa hay in a low cut cardboard box.
CORN - All Divisions - Exhibit one stalk of corn, potted.
SOYBEANS - All Divisions - Exhibit three soybean plants (roots bare, showing nodules).  Youth should also indicate how he or she decided which plant to enter for exhibition at the fair. 
SMALL GRAINS - Oats and Wheat
OATS - All Divisions - Exhibit ten stalks, two with a root system; OR depending upon local harvest conditions, youth may exhibit the actual grain product in a quart jar. Once entered, the product becomes the property of the 4-H Club Association.
WHEAT - All Divisions – Exhibit ten stalks, two with a root system, variety labeled; OR depending upon local harvest conditions, the member may exhibit the actual grain product in a quart jar.  Once entered, the product becomes the property of the 4-H Club Association.

**A 4-H’er may also enter a 22”x28” poster that illustrates concepts they learned by taking this project.