County Project Only - NO STATE FAIR ENTRY


The purpose of this project is to encourage 4-H members to keep accurate records of their previous 4-H projects, offices held, activities and any other awards, and memorabilia. (Example: 3rd grade will cover their experiences in mini 4-H or a 5th grader will cover 4th grade and previous years). The object is to develop a neatly organized and meaningful collection of 4-H accomplishments and memories. This binder serves as a record of your 4-H experiences and cherished memories of your 4-H days. It is also a record of your personal growth and will be a treasured keepsake when you are older. Accomplishment listing will included leadership and community service activities. This will be a great tool for assisting you with filling out scholarship applications. 

Clinton County 4-H Achievement Binder Manual - receive each year 

Beginner: Grade 3-5
Intermediate: Grade 6-8
Advanced: Grade 9-12 


  1. Your cover must have your name and category (Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced) on the front pictures and decorations are optional
  1. The first page inside your 4-H Achievement Binder needs to be your white "My Record of 4-H Achievement" Form. 3. The next page needs to be the Clinton County 4-H Leadership and Community Service Report Form (found in the Clinton County 4-H Achievement Binder Manual, this will need to be done every year the project is completed). 4. The following component of the binder is to include photographs, materials, memorabilia, newspaper articles, and other 4-H memories


1. Complete the 4-H Achievement Binder according to the guidelines given. Submit it to the county fair for judging.
2. Binders will be judged by the Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced categoriesOne champion and one reserve champion will be chosen from each division


Project Leader: Caren Crum
Phone: 765-426-1240

Updated 1/2022