Safe Place Program

Benton County Safe Place

A program called Safe Place was established in 1983 in Louisville, KY and has since become a national program.  A Safe Place network of business and public locations was established where young people in crisis situations could go for immediate help.  Volunteers are recruited and trained to respond to these young people in need.  When a youth asks for help at a Safe Place site, Benton County dispatch is called and a Safe Place volunteer responds to the site.  The volunteer is there to reach young people while they are still in the early stages of crisis, hopefully preventing serious problems from becoming worse.  Safe Place volunteer responders wait with the youth at the Safe Place site while the parent/guardian is contacted and comes to pick up the youth and/or services can be provided.  

Safe Place allows youth to make a positive choice when they are facing challenges or an early stage of crisis.  The program also lets them know they have a community that cares about them and their safety.  Safe Place creates a system for youth when they need help.  It promotes a community wide effort of support and care for our youth and a better place to live. 

Purdue Extension Benton County is the host agency for Benton County Safe Place and is partnering with the Benton County Sheriff’s Department for dispatch and 24 hour hotline. 

Students need to know about the program for their own benefit and for the benefit of their friends and community.  Information is provided to every middle and high school student in Benton County (grades 5-12).

Benton County Safe Place Sites

  • Benton County EMS - Fowler 
  • Benton County Public Library - Fowler
  • Benton County Sheriff's Department - Fowler
  • Benton Health and Wellness Center - Fowler
  • Benton County EMS - Boswell
  • Boswell Public Library
  • Town of Boswell - Boswell Community Center
  • Farmers and Merchants Bank - Boswell
  • Ceres Solution - Templeton
  • Strasburger Trucking - Earl Park
  • Farmers and Merchants Bank - Otterbein
  • Fire and Rescue - Otterbein
  • Pizza King - Otterbein
  • Oxford Public Library

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