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Understanding the nutrient levels and pH of your soil is beneficial to maintaining healthy crops, lawns, and gardens. We offer soil testing services to assist you in maintaining healthy soils and plants. Our soil samples are processed by A & L Great Lakes Labs. Both you and our office receive a copy of the report. An extension educator can provide a consultation on the results if you contact us once you have the report.

Our basic sample:

  • $20/sample fee includes soil report plus consultation with an extension educator
  • Report includes pH, phosphorous (P), potassium (K), magnesium (Mg), calcium (Ca), and organic matter levels
  • Report includes recommendations for nutrient application for the above plus nitrogen (N)

Other tests include options such as micronutrients and are an additional $10/sample.

Soil testing services require 2 cups of soil per sample and payment in cash or check. Instructions on collecting soil samples can be found below. 

Proper soil sampling techniques are important to obtain accurate soil test results. Purdue Extension publication HO-71 entitled Collecting Soil Samples for Testing provides specific advice on how to take a proper soil sample.


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