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To help us make a positive impact in our community, the three different program areas: 4-H Youth Development, Agriculture & Natural Resources (ANR), and Health & Human Sciences (HHS) within Purdue Extension have joined forces to send out a combined bi-monthly newsletter. By combining our newsletters, everyone will be aware of what is happening with Purdue Extension and know about what programs are available. All programs are open to the public. We encourage everyone to look outside the program a
Ant on a flower
Nothing is more disturbing than looking on your kitchen counter or floor and seeing tiny little ants moving around. Since it is starting to warm up more, the chances of seeing ants around the house is increasing. If you are having issues with ants or are afraid they may start to enter your home, then look outside for their nest. Ant nests are often found around the foundation of a house in the soil.
All-Terrain vehicles (ATVs) are becoming increasingly popular on farms because they can be used to haul livestock feed or to get to fields. They are very handy and can be of great help on a farm. However, as they have increased in popularity among farm families, the number of accidents and injuries to youth and adults due to ATV accidents has increased.
Garden Tools
The warm temperatures really make an individual want to get outside and do some yard work. There are a number of things you can do to outside this spring including: starting a garden, controlling moles, and taking care of your lawn and garden tools.
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4-H'ers: this page is a great resource for you! You can learn more about 4-H and the policies, and find the current project manuals and requirements. Bookmark it!
DWD class
The Dining with Diabetes program is a positive and proactive approach in reducing the effects of diabetes. It is open to anyone with Type II diabetes, their family members or caretakers. Dining with Diabetes is a two part educational program lasting four weeks with a two month follow-up session.
Over the last few days, we have had several individuals contact the Extension Office asking about soil and how to improve their garden soil. Hopefully this newspaper article will help answer some of those questions. If you have more after reading, don’t hesitate to contact the Extension Office for more information.

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