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"By the Fireside Gardening Talks" - Getting ready for next season's gardening

October 15, 2020
Spring gardening

Spring Gardening

Clark County Extension will be offering online gardening classes this Fall/winter to help gardeners prepare for next season’s gardening. Please come join us in our online gardening discussions at 7pm each night, dubbed “By the Fireside Gardening Talks”. 

These are a series of 3 zoom classes in November and December this year, and January of next year. Dates, topics to be discussed and a little synopsis on them are as below:

1. November 12, 2020: Getting ready for your garden – Vegetable nursery management

Raising and managing vegetable seedlings at home can be fun, and therapeutic. But it can also be daunting if the basic principles for doing so are not known or followed. This class will take participants through the basics required to raise a successful vegetable nursery at home

2. December 10, 2020: How to start your garden early and end late

When you secure your seedlings early in the spring either from a home nursery or a local nursery and ready to start gardening at a time temperature are still not conducive to plant outside, you will need to have knowledge of how to provide your young plants with the right temperature as they start to grow in your garden. And when you want to enjoy gardening into late Fall, there are also basic things you can do be able to take advantage of a bit of the late summer weather and transition into the cooler early to late Fall climate. This class will teach you how to start your garden early and extend its life into late Fall.

3. January 14, 2021: Gardening tips for successful gardening

A lot of your success in gardening is determined by knowledge of the when, what and how to grow vegetables. Important among the activities are pest and disease management, fertilizer application and, supplemental irrigation. This class will take participants through how to use the right inputs and rates and the proper timing of input application to be successful. It will also touch on what to plan ahead for before a new gardening season begins 

As these are zoom sessions, a computer or phone would be required to participate. Registration is required to participate. Please call Clark County Extension to register or send your request to An email address is required during registration. 

There is a nominal fee of $5 per class. Please write the check to “Clark County Extension” and mail it in before the first class starts. You only pay for classes you are interested in. 

Purdue is an equal access/equal opportunity University

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