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4-H Scholarship Information (County and State)

November 17, 2020
College 4-H

There are several scholarship opportunities for Boone County 4-H members. Youth in grade 10 can start applying for the Indiana 4-H Accomplishment Scholarships. All other scholarships (State and Boone Co) can be applied for as high school seniors. Each November the 4-H Educator conducts a workshop to assist 4-H families with the scholarship process. The next workshop is November 17th from 7-9pm in the Auditorium for the Farm Bureau Community Building on the fairgrounds and via zoom.  


Indiana 4-H Foundation Scholarships

 Due January 25th!

Applications for all 4 of these scholarships can be found by clicking here. You will be directed to the Indiana 4-H website. More information can be found at the bottom of this page in the "Related Files" section or by picking up a 2021 Scholarship Packet from the Purdue Extension Office.

Submitting Applications: 

These applications must be submitted via 4HOnline through your family account. Click here for instructions on uploading files. Click here for 4HOnline. 


Boone County 4-H Scholarships

Due January 25 to Purdue Extension Office- Boone County

One Application, 13 different scholarships! Click here to download the application. 

Individual Scholarship requirements are in this document.


Scroll down to "Related Files" to find the document "How to Claim Your Scholarship Money" if you were a 2018 Scholarship winner.


Other Scholarships 

Community Foundation of Boone County Please check out the full Scholarship Repository for more scholarship opportunities. Listed below are two scholarships for seniors planning to major in agriculture.

Boone County Agriculture Scholarship

Bobby Hysong Memorial Scholarship (Available to Western Boone students)

Farm Credit Customer Scholarship Program various deadlines

Farm House Fraternity Scholarship (High School Seniors) Due March 15

Grow Ag Leaders (High School Seniors and full time college students studying in ag-related fields.) Due Jan 14

Boone County Extension Homemakers Scholarship (click here to go to Extension Homemakers page where the applications are located.) Due April 1


4-H Scholarship Workshop PowerPoint can be found below in the "Related Files" Section of this page.

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