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Self Determined

February 27, 2019

Do you have a hobby you enjoy, but we don't offer it in 4-H? Well this is just the project for you. In the self determined project you get to create your own project and exhibit it at the fair.

County Only Project


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With adult guidance, young people can determine their own projects.  The Self-Determined idea makes it possible to work on projects that may not be included in current youth programs.  Such projects can develop from something in which the young person is interested, would like to do or wants to learn about.  This project idea encourages the maximum use and development of individual ability and creativity.


An important part of learning is to assume responsibilities through opportunities to make decisions, set up goals and meet deadlines.  Appropriate learning experiences are those methods, ways, tasks, procedures and activities which enable a boy or girl to reach the educational goals set for himself or herself, with adult help.  A young person is more deeply interested in and more highly motivated to carry out from self-chosen experiences than from those handed down by others, and he/she develops more self confidence also.


The Self-Determined project is an abstract undertaking.  Any age member may enroll in the project and may do whatever they wish, providing it does not duplicate a requirement in an existing project offered in Boone County.  Each member will select an area that is of interest to him (i.e. music, auto mechanics, poetry, collectables, bee keeping, architecture, safety, etc.   No arts & crafts should be entered in Self-Determined.)  The member decides what he would like to do within his area of interest and writes a proposal for the project.


The fair exhibit consists of an appropriate display showing what the member has done or made or learned during his or her project.  This project is judged in an “Open Judging” format, which means that the 4-H’er has the opportunity to talk to the judge and explain the project and answer any questions the judge may have.  It is not required that the 4-H’er is present to do this, but it is strongly suggested.   Exhibits are judged according to a point system that includes attendance of project meetings, demonstrations, and timely submission of a project proposal.  Exhibits must follow the rules described in Boone County’s 4-H Handbook General Rules and Self-Determined Rules.  Contact the Extension Office or the project leader for details.




Goals are meaningful if stated in terms of “What I Hope To Learn.”  Learning implies change and takes place in three inter-related areas.


  1. What I hope to do:                           Knowledge, Facts, Information,    

                                                                        Thinking, Understanding.


  1. How I will accomplish:                    Feelings, Attitudes, Values,

                                                                        Beliefs, Dedications.


  1. The end result:                                 Skills, Ways of Doing Things,

                                                                        Actions, Behavior.


NOTE:  Several different words are listed under each of the three areas to indicate the various meanings involved.




Probably the young person will need to find out what there is to learn in a project before he or she can write down some goals.  Thus the boy or girl may want to visit with some person who can give some information or ideas on the subject.  There are all kinds of possibilities:  Parents teachers, a neighbor, friend, businessman, farmer, homemaker, clergyman, mechanic, dietician, nurse, dentist, laborer. . . anyone who is interested in the subject or who is doing something related to it.


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