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March 14, 2015

Here is what you can learn from the 4-H Crops project:

If you grow alfalfa or mixed hay...
You can learn forage crop identification, plant growth, and plant care.

If you grow corn...
You can learn about how the corn plants works, the pests that attack corn, uses of corn and the safety practices when growing, harvesting, and storing corn. In the advanced levels you will learn about hybrid corn, the types and sources of nutrients for corn, soil erosion, producing and comparing hybrids, and planting and growing corn crops.

If you grow oats or wheat...
You will learn about the different parts of a plant, growth stages of plants, characteristics of different varieties, weed, disease and insect identification, proper fertilizer use, edible and non-edible uses of the plants and good management techniques and their importance.

If you grow soybeans...
You will lean about selecting soybean varieties, planting soybeans, uses for soybeans and harvesting soybeans.


Important documents can be found at the bottom of this page underneath "Related Files".


Here are some additional websites that you might find helpful for this project:

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