Related Purdue Research

Take a look at the research being done by other entities at Purdue related to the mission of the Indiana Organic Network.

Bilenky Sustainable Horticulture Lab - photo of farm equipment in a field

Bilenky Sustainable Horticulture Lab

Moriah Bilenky - Assistant Professor of Sustainable Horticulture

"Investigating the re-integration of organic food crops and animal production on above and below ground diversity, soil health, farm resilience, and food safety."

Funded by The Organic Center

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Amyworm climbing forage grass

Field Crops IPM Lab

Christian Krupke - Professor of Entomology, Dean's Fellow for Resilient Agriculture

"Bio-intensified field crop rotations in the Midwest: Quantifying effects upon pest management and yield"

Funded by USDA-OREI

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Meyers and team sweetpotato research

Horticulture Weed Science

Stephen Meyers - Assistant Professor of Horticulture

"A Multifaceted Approach to Production Methods and Pest Management in Organic Sweetpotato Systems"


  1. Effect of Buckwheat and silage tarps on sweetpotato row-middle weed control
  2. Evaluation of critical weed-free period for three sweetpotato cultivars
  3. Effects of in-row spacing on weed suppression and yield of 'Covington' and 'Monaco' sweetpotato
  4. Evaluation of weed removal timing for three sweetpotato cultivars
  5. Emmanuel Cooper - Graduate Ag Research Spotlight