Interested in a FREE soil health assessment?

A new project at Purdue can help you!

A USDA-funded project, led by the Purdue Agroecology Lab, is working to measure soil health across the state on organic and transitioning farms. You may qualify for a free soil health assessment if:

  • You are a certified organic farmer of any type (grain, specialty crops, pasture/hay, etc.)
  • Your farm (of any type) is in the three-year organic transition period

By participating in this project, you will receive a prepaid sampling kit from the Purdue team. You will use this kit to mail soil samples from your farm back to us for comprehensive soil health assessments. A report detailing the research findings will be shared with participants in early 2025.

Your soil health report will contain the following information:

  • Comprehensive soil health data for your farm, including soil organic matter, pH, soil fertility (available P, K, S, etc.), cation exchange capacity, water holding capacity, and biological soil health indicators such as microbial biomass, enzyme activities, potentially mineralizable C, potentially mineralizable N, soil protein, etc.
  • Your farm's soil health standing among other organic farms in Indiana (Confidentiality will be strictly maintained).
  • Research on how various organic management practices impact soil health, specifically within the Indiana climate and environment.

Please reach out to Dr. Yichao Rui [ | (608) 772-9278] for more information! Sign-up to participate by contacting Dr. Rui directly or with our Qualtrics Survey.

Project Flyer