Eating Well
Foods that include protein and fiber will be the most filling. Here are some additional tips: Check for lower sodium and lower sugar versions of foods. Buy foods including some whole grains when there is no other source of fiber (i.e. fruit, nuts and seeds). Save money by buying in a larger package of foods such as nuts. Carry a single serving in a smaller container or snack-size, zip-top plastic bag. Following are examples of snacks providing some protein and fiber and that don't re
If your budget isn't up to a tropical vacation this summer, you can at least take your taste buds to the tropics with some nutrition-packed choices in the fruit section. Tropical fruits such as guava, kiwifruit, mango and papaya are low-calorie, nutrient-dense options for adding variety to your menus. Although most tropical fruits are available year-round several of these are at their peak (and also most affordable) in summer or early fall.