Eating Well
Since children have small stomachs they need every bite of their lunch to be nutritious. Following are 6 tips to make it easier to get healthy food from the store to your child's tummy.
As the school year starts, it is often a challenge to fall back into a good routine. For some families, it can be a struggle to establish a stricter bedtimes, agreeing on clothing that is appropriate for school, carving out time to do homework, and fitting in a nutritious dinner before jetting off to extra-curricular activities. Below are 5 ways for families to fall into good nutrition during the school year.
Sometimes mornings are very hectic and planning ahead for breakfast can help make them less so! Here are some ideas for some healthy breakfasts that are relatively quick.
If fruits and vegetables are placed on refrigerator shelves, store meats on pans or plates below the produce to prevent meat juices - which may contain harmful bacteria - from dripping on them. Wash hands before working with produce. Wash produce thoroughly. Wash produce before you use it, NOT when you bring it home! Fresh produce has a natural protective coating that helps keep in moisture and freshness. Washing produce before storage causes it to spoil faster. Remove and discard outer leave
Farmers' markets offer a variety of fresh, locally-produced fruit, vegetables, bakery and meat products in a festive atmosphere. The Farmers' Market in Monticello is open Tuesday evenings 4- 7 p.m. on the courthouse square and Saturday mornings at B J Winger's from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Get the most from your local farmers' market with the following information.

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