Sometimes people think green salad = lettuce = blah. Not so. The only limits to exciting salads are limits of the imagination. Begin with salad greens. Enhance the eye appeal and nutrition of a salad by adding colorful appeal and nutrition of a salad by adding colorful fruits and vegetables. Keep it light by limiting the salad dressing to about 1 tablespoon per 1 ½ to 2 cups of greens. Then make the flavor really POP by adding some of the following ingredients. You can either put them
Attention food handlers, if you are in need of Serve Safe certification (new or renewal) a class will be offered at the White County Extension Office on June 1. For additional information or to register contact the Extension Office at 219-984-5115.
About 40 percent of the United States food supply (1500 calories/person/day) goes uneaten. Discarded food in homes and food-service accounts for 60 percent of this total food loss and is mostly avoidable. The remaining portion is lost or wasted during food production. This amount of food waste is among the highest globally. Preventing food waste saves money and resources. Resources used to produce uneaten food include: 30 percent of fertilizer, 31 percent of cropland, 25 percent of tot
Serving Soup Safely What could be simpler than eating a big, steaming bowl of soup. A hearty soup - made with veggies and meat, poultry, fish or dried beans - - can be the main dish for your meal. Add some crackers or bread sticks on the side and perhaps fruit for dessert and you're ready to eat!