Washing your dishes in a sink (or dishpan) full of water and adding dish detergent is more economical than squirting detergent directly on individual dishes. Here are steps for making the job as easy as possible. And remember: some cookware, like baking pans with air cushioned inside should not be submerged in water. Check the manufacturer's instructions for advice!
Reusable bags are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic bags for carting your things home from the farmers market, grocery store or big box store. You can help prevent bacteria, yeasts and mold from growing on your bags and cross-contaminating your food by washing and storing the bags safely between each use. Here's how...
5 easy ways to Eat 100 Less Calories per Day. What do 10 pounds of fat look like? For a rough estimate, imagine 40 sticks of butter or margarine or 10 1 pound cans of vegetable shortening. Looks like a lot - yet how many of us add this much weight in a year without realizing it until our pants fit a little tighter or our belt runs out of notches? Sometimes, we're too hard on ourselves when we're trying to lose weight. We eat some pretty awful-tasting foods, forgo getting togethe
Promises, promises - the Internet is full of claims about special powers or pitfalls from eating various foods. Following a false dietary claim that is ultimately ineffective may deprive you of foods you enjoy or contribute to needless expenses for special foods, supplements, etc. On a more serious note, you may delay getting needed treatment for a medical condition with resulting additional expenses and/or health consequences.