Promises, promises - the Internet is full of claims about special powers or pitfalls from eating various foods. Following a false dietary claim that is ultimately ineffective may deprive you of foods you enjoy or contribute to needless expenses for special foods, supplements, etc. On a more serious note, you may delay getting needed treatment for a medical condition with resulting additional expenses and/or health consequences.
Every so often this summer we get a break from the rain. With the break from the rain has occasionally provided some very nice days to be outside and potentially eat outdoors. No matter where you are picnicking, it's still important to keep health in mind. Use these basic tips to ensure that your surfaces are clean and your chosen picnic spot is "food safe."
Foods that include protein and fiber will be the most filling. Here are some additional tips: Check for lower sodium and lower sugar versions of foods. Buy foods including some whole grains when there is no other source of fiber (i.e. fruit, nuts and seeds). Save money by buying in a larger package of foods such as nuts. Carry a single serving in a smaller container or snack-size, zip-top plastic bag. Following are examples of snacks providing some protein and fiber and that don't re
Sometimes an unexpected crisis or meeting at work consumes our lunchtime. Or we forget a sack lunch in our hurry to get out the door. Having some well-packaged back-up foods tucked away in a briefcase, handbag or backpack can help keep us from missing a meal or tide us over until we have a chance to eat. It also can help us avoid hitting the vending machines, scouting for well-filled candy jars or scavenging the break room table. Think twice, however, before stocking a grocery