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Do you feel like you're in a holi-DAZE during the holidays? A simple quick-cooking technique is to make extra food at one meal for future meals. Or, to prepare food ahead and freeze for a later time. This can free up valuable time for you when cooking for family and friends over the holidays. One easy method of freezing foods - including liquid foods such as soups and stews - to freeze them in freezer bags. Following are some general freezing tips, followed by specific tips for freez
When the busy holiday season is on the horizon, get a head start by prepping your bakeware and serving items in advance. Follow these quick tips: Spiff Up Your "Old Standbys." Throughout the year, cooking certain types of food - like recipes with cheese, gravies, eggs or pie fillings - can leave baked-on residue or food stains on your favorite cooking/baking dishes. In addition to having "recipe residue," your non-stick cookware can also be susceptible
The holidays are just around the corner and many people are concerned about food safety in regards to the turkey they are planning to serve. By following a few easy steps you can ensure that you will have a turkey dinner that is safe to eat and free from bacteria that can cause food borne illnesses.
Over the years, restaurant portion sizes have really grown. So much so, that the average consumer believes that larger portions are normal. Today's 3-inch bagel is labeled 'mini' when it was considered a normal serving in years past.
After having fast food for the third time this week for lunch (not my normal!) I got to thinking about how poor my diet has been lately because of my schedule and things I can do to help improve it even if I'm too busy to do much else for lunch than race through the drive-thru. Here are some things we can all do when we are either too busy or we are just craving fast food.
Fall Produce Picks The sun is setting sooner, the nights are getting cooler and wool socks are starting to sound like a cozy idea. This is the perfect time to celebrate the seasonal gems of autumn! Head to your local market and fill your basket with these fall produce picks.
Washing your dishes in a sink (or dishpan) full of water and adding dish detergent is more economical than squirting detergent directly on individual dishes. Here are steps for making the job as easy as possible. And remember: some cookware, like baking pans with air cushioned inside should not be submerged in water. Check the manufacturer's instructions for advice!

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