Swine Rules

  1. To exhibit at the White Co. 4H Fair, all 4H Swine members follow the established "Exhibition Regulations for White County 4H" as listed in this Handbook. Members will complete at least 3 educational activities each year. These activitieswill be turned in by 4 p.m. July 1 to the Extension Office. Members enroll in Swine by grade in current school year. (Also see Exhibition Regulations Rule #4.)
  2. The Swine Committee recommends all hogs be slaughtered after the 4H Fair. If anyone takes pigs home, they do so at their own risk and against committee recommendations.
  3. All pigs must be farrowed on or after Jan. 1 of current year. The Swine Committee recommends pigs be six months of age.
  4. All 4H Swine intended for show must be earnotched by Standard Earnotch System and correctly identified on www.in.4hOnline.com prior to midnight May 15. No additions or corrections can be made after May 15. Exhibitors bring their printout of 4hOnline Swine I.D. Form to checkin at the 4H Fair. NOTE: Pigs with earnotches not matching4hOnline Swine I.D. will not be unloaded at the 4H Fair.
  5. 4H Swine MUST be in 4H members' possession prior to May 15 to be show eligible at the 4H Fair.  Record keeping starts with possession date.
  6. 4H Swine members turn in completed educational activities by 4 p.m. July 1 in the Extension Office.
  7. Swine shown as purebred must have purebred registration papers.  Exhibitors must bring registration papers to weighin at the 4H Fair.
  8. Each member may exhibit a total of 4 individual animals (4 of any combination) not exceeding 3 of the same sex as  identified on 4hOnlineand Fair Pre-Registration forms. Animals may be any combination of breeds.
  9. Members who plan to bring fewer hogs than are indicated on the July 1st form, must notify swine committee member from their township by barn set-up day, which is the Saturdayprior to the fair. With exception of extraordinary circumstances (such as animal's death or severe sickness), members must bring number of animals indicated on Fair Pre-Registration form. If fewer hogs are brought for any other reason, member will be ineligible to sell a hog in the 4-H Livestock Auction.
  10. a) Any structure of the swine barn may not be altered without committee approval (including gates). b) All swine members are asked to attend set up day. The date and time of set up will be the Saturday prior to the fair at 8:30 a.m.
  11. Swine check-in will be from 4 to 9 p.m. Friday. PQA number must be turned in by weigh-in.
  12. Open weigh-in of hogs will be held Friday midnight until 12:00 noon Saturday.
  13. Members wishing to sell a hog in the 4H sale must declare their sale animal at weigh in. DO NOT declare more than one livestock project for the livestock sale, i.e., do not declare both swine & beef.
  14. Pigs must weigh 220 lbs. to be eligible to sell.
  15. Only one market swineanimal per member may be sold at the auction. Read and be familiar with all 4H Livestock Sale Rules in this Handbook.
  16. Selling Non-Auction Hogs at the Fair (Pool Hogs): a) As a service to the 4-H'er, the White County 4-H swine committee will arrange to sell any 4-H hog that participates in the fair. These animals, also referred to as POOL HOGS, are those animals that will not be sold in the auction, taken home, delivered to a butchering service, or sold to another buyer. b) The 4-H hog pool committee will solicit bids from packers and select the processor with the highest bid. Bids for the pool hogs will be posted in the swine barn no later than 5:00 p.m. Tuesday. c) To enter your hog in the pool, you must bring your weight ticket slip to the Swine Office (located in the SE corner of North Swine Barn)between 4p.m. and 6 p.m. Wednesday.Hogs will be loaded out Thursday. Be sure the slip is filled out properly with animal weight, ID#, and exhibitor number. d) Pool hogs will be shipped directly to processor. Money from hog pool sales will be included in auction check, sent to the 4-H'er a few weeks following the fair. e) Pigs must weigh 220 or more to be sold in the pool.
  17. All other swine, not intended for the 4H Auction or Pool Hogs, will be released Wednesday 12 a.m. to 8 a.m.. No pigs released from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. Wednesday, All other swine released after 10 p.m. Wednesday.
  18. Swine are to be cared for and each pen cleaned daily! Pens also must be cleaned immediately following the 4H Auction. 
  19. Purebred gilts are born from January 1 to February 28 of the current year. Purebred gilt classes will be sorted by birthdate:  January 1st-31st and February 1st-28th.
  20. Breeds with less than 6 show eligible barrow entries will be moved to the All Other Purebreds class.
  21. Showmanship:  a) Members show their own hogs in Showmanship classes. Each first place winner in the showmanship classes will be allowed to move up to the next class the following year. b) Anyone wanting to show in showmanship must sign up before noon on Saturday. Sign up forms will be available Friday night when picking up your exhibitor number. c) Committee will break showmanship classes equally depending on number of sign-ups in each division. d) Classes will be listed in showbill. First Year Novice - members who have completed grade 3. For first year Swine members only. May not show in Novice class. Novice  members who have completed grades 4-5. Exceptions: Previous Novice winners are ineligible. Junior  members who have completed grades 6-8. Exceptions: Previous Novice winners are eligible & previous Junior winners are ineligible. Senior  members who have completed grades 9-12. Exceptions: Previous Junior winners are eligible and previous Senior winners are ineligible. Grand Champion Showman  Includes all previous 4-H eligible Grand Champion Showmen and current year's Senior Showman winner. 
  22. No cleaning pens during 4H Swine Show. Swine members may use only the west wash racks on show day.
  23. Members may choose to exhibit any combination of live animals, a poster, and/or present an project interact detailing some aspect of 4-H Swine project. The poster and project interact exhibit options may be in place of or in addition to live swine exhibit. Posters and Action Demos should meet guidelines described elsewhere in handbook.
  24. Top 2 placing pigs in each barrow class will be weighed back in class. The individual pigs must weigh within 15 pounds of their original weight. Ex.: if pigs weighs 250 pounds at weigh-in he cannot weight more than 265 pounds at time of show. Pigs weight more that 15 pounds over original weight will be declared ineligible. Swine placing below an ineligible pig will be moved up one placing. The same official scale will be used for both official weigh-ins.
  25. A practice scale will be set up in the middle of the north swine barn after 11 p.m. Friday. Swine can be weight anytime up to and during Swine Show on Tuesday. If you choose to weight your pigs during the Swine Show, do not use center aisle between barns or holding area.
  26. The White Co. Ag. Association reserves the right to examine and/or test any 4-H animal exhibit ... See General 4-H Livestock Rules in this Handbook.

 Reference:  134R (Ohio State University Publications) “Swine Resource Handbook for Market and Breeding Projects”



IDNA Hair Samples are required to be submitted with the Swine 4hOnline Identification (no later than May 15) to be eligible for State Fair.

Swine DNA Sample Instructions


Swine Show Classes

All Champion animals are to return for consideration for Grand Champion awards.

  1. Crossbred Barrows (Lightweight) 229 lbs.& under
  2. Crossbred Barrows (Light-Medium) 230-250 lbs.
  3. Crossbred Barrows (Mediumweight) 251-265 lbs.
  4. Crossbred Barrows (Heavy) 266-280 lbs.
  5. Crossbred Barrows (Ultra Heavy) 281 lbs. & up
  6. Purebred Barrows Only
  7. Crossbred Gilts (Lightweight) 239 lbs.& under
  8. Crossbred Gilts (Mediumweight) 240-269 lbs.
  9. Crossbred Gilts (Heavyweight) More than 270 lbs.
  10. Purebred Gilts  January and February
  11. First Year Novice Showmanship
  12. Novice Showmanship
  13. Junior Showmanship
  14. Senior Showmanship


  1. Grand Champion Showmanship
  2. Grand Champion Gilt
  3. Grand Champion Barrow