Indiana Hunter Education Courses will provide instruction in the areas of safe firearm use and handling while hunting, as well as in the home, hunter ethics and responsibility, game identification, and conservation management. Anyone born after December 31, 1986 is required to be certified in Hunter Education before they can purchase a hunting license.

The Shooting Sports program is designed to teach the safe use of firearms and archery equipment on the shooting range and in the hunting field, to instill the importance of home firearms responsibility, and to develop the skills to properly handle firearms and archery equipment. The shooting disciplines available are archery, rifle, pistol, and shotgun. A Hunter Education course will be made available for all shooting sports members prior to participating in shooting events. 

Hunter Education

Opportunity 1
       Feb 24    (Fri)        Day #1 from        6 - 9 PM
       Feb 25    (Sat)        Day #2 from 8 AM - 4 PM

Opportunity 2
       Mar 3      (Fri)        Day #1 from        6 - 9 PM
       Mar 4      (Sat)       Day #2 from 8 AM - 4 PM

Pine Village Fire Department, must attend both days to receive credit!

Registration for classes must be done on-line.  We encourage parents to register, attend and take the course.

Range Opportunities/Meetings:  ALL DATES TENATIVE

Shooting Disciplines:  Archery, Shotgun, Rifle, Pistol, Muzzleloader
Range Location:  Range is located just north of Independence take PV/Independence Rd turn left (west) on County Road 175 North.  Gates Gravel Pit, Independence

April 11 (Tue) Meeting at PVFD   7-8:30 PM
                           Intro/Safety/Project Meeting
(New Members)
May  7 (Sun)
Range Opportunity #1 1-4:00 PM
May 21 (Sun)
Range Opportunity #2 1-4:00 PM
May 30 (Tue) Meeting at PVFD   7-8:30 PM Project Meeting
June 4 (Sun)  
Range Opportunity #3 1-4:00 PM