TO:  4-H Fast Track Readers

Now that school is out, you can focus on those 4-H projects.  We have one more step that is being added before you bring your projects to the fair.  You will need to tell us what you are bringing online in Fair Entry (excluding animal projects)  This will allow you to add a description of your project and let us know exactly what you are bringing to the 4-H Fair.  An information sheet is enclosed to assist you in this process.

We are excited to welcome back Nellie Andrews and Maddie Rhea as our interns into the office for the summer.  Nellie just finished her sophomore year at Purdue and is transferring to ISU this coming fall to major in Physical Education.  Maddie Rhea is coming off her sophomore year at Purdue and is studying Elementary Education.  Please say hi when you are in the office or see them at the 4-H Fair. 

After you deliver your project don’t forget to check on it, care for them (animal projects), and most importantly pick them up or clean your pen at the end of the fair on June 17.  You will also want to be sure to pick up your FREE TICKET for a ride with Luehrs’ Ideal Rides, when you pick up your project Sat. night between 5-7 pm. 

As you finish your final preparations for the fair and during the week of the fair-please remember the 4-H environment is designed to support the positive and successful development of all youth through:  Belonging (caring relationships),
Mastery (constructive learning experiences), Independence (leadership opportunities), and Generosity (service to communities). 

4‑H gives kids the opportunity to learn by doing, grow from failure and develop the skills they need to handle what life throws their way. No one knows this better than you, our alumni, who have experienced our programs firsthand. We need your help to bring the same experience and skills to youth today. Show your 4‑H pride and help bring the same opportunities to kids in your community and nationwide.

The “Raise Your Hand” Campaign that is part of the 4-H GROWS national marketing campaign. The state having the most hands raised during the campaign will receive $20,000. Be sure to sign in at:  
so your hand can be counted!!!


Kelly Pearson & Jean Akers
Purdue Extension Educators