TO:  4-H Fast Track Readers

Congratulations on enrolling in the Warren County 4-H program.  We are excited that you decided to be involved for the first time or once again.  You will receive the 4-H Fast Track newsletter monthly through the busy time of the 4-H year (March thru June).  In this newsletter you will find lots of important  information to help make your 4-H experience a success.

You will find many opportunities in 4-H.  Check out this letter and watch your email, text and mail for all of the great opportunities.   

The first 4-H EPI  Event in January was a big success.  New members or those still learning the 4-H system, get your calendar marked for April 5th. We will have an informative evening with fun activities.  Watch for more details.  

The 4-H Leaders and Superintendents are a great group of volunteers that want to make your 4-H experience a positive one.  The 4-H Leaders coordinate the 4-H Club activities and the 4-H Superintendents are available to answer your specific project questions.  Please note the enclosed list and feel free to call them with your specific questions.  You will have a great experience in 4-H if you get involved and ask questions. 



Kelly Pearson & Jean Akers
Purdue Extension Educators