Yard and Garden
Cut flowers from garden
Indoor plants will require more frequent watering and fertilization as they increase their summer growth. Houseplants can be moved outdoors to a shady location, but pay close attention to their watering needs. Cut garden flowers for indoor beauty. Recut the stems again just before placing in water. Add a floral preservative, and change the solution frequently.
Bee collecting pollen on globe thistle (Echinops) flower. (Photo Credit: Rosie Lerner, Purdue Extens
Pollinators are all the "buzz" these days with a federal proclamation designating June 15-21 as National Pollinator Week. Now in its eighth year, the focus of this event is to promote the health of pollinators, so critical to food and ecosystems.
Moth Cecropia wings spread (Photo Credit: John Obermeyer)
More than once I have been asked some version of this question: Where have all the big moths gone? Almost always the questioner elaborates by saying something like: "Every summer when I was a kid there would be nights when several large moths would be fluttering around our porch light. I haven't seen any of those giant moths for years."
This is the time of year that many homeowners start their annual battle with nuisance wildlife. Did you know to capture a rabbit you need a permit? Brian MacGowan, Extension Wildlife Specialist, shares what options you have and resources to aid.