Environmental Stewardship
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Wonder why you put butterflies in the freezer? Curious how many siblings a pig has? Love horses but live in town? Life's little questions aren't meant to be answered alone! We invite you and your child to join 4-H, the organization of families who share in teaching kids practical things like pet care, growing gardens, capturing memorable photos, and important values like responsibility. Whether you live in town or the boonies, join 4-H and we'll tackle life's little questions together!
Water Quality Station
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Steuben County is home to 101 lakes that serve as recreational, environmental, and diverse wildlife landscapes for a signification portion of the County's population. From boaters, to anglers, to farmers, and even hunters there is a challenge to effectively share the natural resources our 101 lakes provide. Early education on the importance of conserving our valuable natural resources took place with 7th grade youth at Duck Days.
Demonstration of landfills
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Steuben County's 101 lakes serve as recreational landscapes for a large portion of the community, catch basins for runoff, and home to many wildlife. It serves our community well to begin the conversation about conservation early in a community like ours.

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