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Don't miss the Indiana Aquaculture Association Annual Meeting with opportunities including: networking, speakers of experts in the field, IAAI elections, silent auction, facility tour and much more.
Sandhill Cranes
Have you walked outside recently and heard a loud rattling bugle coming from the sky, and thought to yourself "what in the world is making that noise?" More than likely, you were hearing the calls of sandhill cranes. FNR extension specialist shares when and where to view sandhill cranes in Indiana.
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Here's a recipe for partisan controversy, from 1939. Ingredient one: It was traditional for the president of the United States to declare a day of Thanksgiving, and then for the governors of the states to schedule the holiday. The president always declared the last Thursday in November as Thanksgiving. It was listed on the 1939 calendars for that day, and family gatherings and football games were already scheduled.
As Indiana legislators weigh options for increasing high-speed internet access in the state, a new report by the Purdue Center for Regional Development shows the economic benefits of expanded broadband service could outweigh the development costs and generate up to $10 million in growth for some counties over the next 15 years.
The Indiana Extension Educators Association presented its annual award to county educators during Purdue Extension's Professional Development Conference last week.
John Baugh, Purdue's director of Agricultural Services and Regulations, and two Purdue Extension professionals were honored for outstanding service to the state as part of Extension's annual Professional Development Conference.
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An unsettling number popped up on my computer screen last week. The index of leading economic indicators for Indiana decreased in August. It was the first decline since April 2009, during the Great Recession. The leading index is "leading" because it is made up of economic measurements that change before the general economy. If a recession is coming, the leading indicators drop first. If a recession is about to end, and a recovery will begin, the leading indicators start moving up first.

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