In August, our office hired a new agriculture and natural resource educator, Jacob Holloway, to replace the previous educator who retired last February. Jacob is ready to expand the outreach of the Ag and Natural Resources office to the community and to offer more services for farmers, ranchers, and ag-producers in St. Joseph County. Jacob sees his office as an advocate for local farmers in St. Joseph County and wants to support the growth of the farming industry: "I see agriculture as a powerfu
Cover Crops
Program to address soil compaction, soil demonstrations, other topics.
How should Indiana assess farmland for property taxes? Good question. There's the way we used to do it, the way we do it now and, if new legislation passes, the way we'll do it in the future.
WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. - Neonicotinoid insecticides applied as a coating to soybean seeds provide a maximum of three weeks of protection after planting and are ineffective against later-emerging threats such as soybean aphids, according to a new publication by researchers from Purdue and 12 other Midwest universities.
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