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December 19, 2018

Not a State Fair Project

Complete a Shelby County Record Sheet.

• Materials for the project are to be household items. Do not purchase expensive supplies for your project.
• Judging will be based on effective function, originality and design.
• Judging will be:  Level 1-Grades 3-5, Level 2-Grades 6-8, Level 3-Grades 9-12

Grade 3
Marshmallow Catapult
• Plan and design a swinging arm trebuchet-style catapult to launch marshmallows
• The arm of the catapult must be adjustable (moveable pivot point)
• Use at least 5 different types of materials or parts
• Use weights and gravity as the power source
• Launch a marshmallow

Grade 4
Arm Your Robot
• Build an arm for your robot
• Use levers
• It must be able to pick up a weight
• Must move in 2 of the 3 coordinate directions
• Use air power to move your arm on the robot

Grade 5
One for the Gripper
• Build a gripper from parts and fasteners
• Gripper must be powered by a syringe so they can pick up a small item
• Power your gripper with a syringe
• Gripper must be able to grab a single item (your choice) - include the item in the display

Grade 6 Rolling Along
• Plan and design a vehicle to maximize its ability to coast, based on considering the effects of friction. You will also consider constraints of capacity, efficiency, and complexity in design.
• Design a vehicle that will roll freely down a ramp and will travel (coast) a long distance
• It must be able to hold a box of paper clips
• It must contain at least five different types of parts

Grade 7
Can Can Robot
• This project allows you to build a robot by the use of electrical power
• Create a robot that draws
• This project can be a culmination of previously learned skills to create this robot
• Robot must make the use of electric-motor operation

Grade 8
Get it in Gear
• Build a rover that runs on gears and is able to climb a ramp
• The vehicle must be powered by a motor and battery
• The vehicle must use a drive train of gears
• The vehicle must go slow

Grade 9
Circuit Training
• Build a double pole throw switch to change the circuit’s polarity
• Demonstrate the working switches on a robot you have created. This will display how your robot will be used

Grade 10
Come to Your Senses
• Plan and design a robot around a wire diagram that will follow a wall

Grade 11 It’s Logical
• Build one of the following circuit boards: resistance, capacitance, current control, variable resistance, logic
• Create a robot using one of these circuit boards

Grade 12
Build Your Robot
• Plan and design a robot
• Building sets and homemade robots are allowed
• The product to be displayed will be a working robot that can perform a specific task
• The robot must have a practical function and utilize techniques from the junk drawer robotics curriculum
• Robot will be judged on appearance, complexity and function

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