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December 12, 2017

Superintendents: Ann Haehl

Not a State Fair Project

Workshop: TBA

• Completed Recycling Record Sheet

• Take an object that is not new and remake it into something useful. (Other than what it was originally used for - must use at least 65% reused items for project).
• On a separate card list name, division, project category, name of project created; and list of items that were reused in the project and list if any new items used.
• Age categories for judging will be Clover (Grades 3 &4), Junior (Grades 5,6, & 7), and Senior (Grades 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12 ).

Exhibit one finished item from the categories below. Before & after photos requested but not required.

Category A - Items made from previously used bottles or cans or from furniture or used wood giving it a new use.
Category B - Items made from some type of fabric (clothing, old sheets, bedspreads, etc) or from old mechanical or metal parts.
Category C - Items made from any reused material into an item not in the other categories or a combination of Categories A & B
Category D - Educational notebook on a personal recycling experience (ex. Describing a community project)
Category E - Environmental friendly project showing improvement of ecology, economy, convenience and “quality of life” (ex. Composting and making paper)

Exhibits should not take up a space on the floor or a table larger than a card table. If your project will be larger than space allows in the building you can still bring the project in for judging and you will need to bring a photo of the project for display.

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