PK-12 Teacher Resources
Box turtle.
One of the most common questions people ask me is what to do with baby, orphaned wildlife that they find. Recently, a homeowner from Carmel asked for advice regarding two hatchling box turtles her family found in their yard. In early June they saw the mother laying eggs.
Purdue zipTrips deliver science-based electronic field trips directly to students in Cathy Deford's
Cathy Deford takes her seventh-grade science students on a field trip to Purdue every year . . . without ever leaving her classroom. Purdue zipTrips connects middle-schoolers all over the country with scientists doing cutting-edge research.
As hellbenders continue to decline, Dr. Rod Williams and his research team have been sharing awareness of how important it is that these salamanders continue to thrive in the current ecosystem.
A worker ant carries a pupa.
Ants are one of the most common types of insects. In fact, ants are found in almost all terrestrial environments, and almost everyone recognizes an ant when they see one.