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4-H Livestock Enrollment Info & Tips (June 11, 2020)

June 24, 2020
2020 Animal ID Requirements Below

NEW: For the Putnam County Fair, the following new limits of head per species ... (info reported from superintendents as of June 11)


Goat - Four goats per 4-Her

H&P - Some classes cut, still three horses per 4-Her.

Poultry - Will be allowing 10 exhibition birds plus meat pens.  We will be running this show like an open show.

Rabbit - Only will be allowing 6 per 4-Her plus one Meat Pen and Single Fryer.  Still 3 breeds with one per class. 

Swine - Market litter will be virtual. Max is 3 pigs per exhibitor with 2 exceptions. Exhibitors in their last year in 4-h or exhibitors planning to show off of their trailer may bring 4 total head.

With the exception of Poultry, all other livestock enrollment will be conducted online using the same website you used to sign up youth in the 4-H program. This page has several files at the bottom identified by species to help you enroll your livestock online efficiently. There is also an Indiana 4-H Livestock web page with additional references for livestock enrollment. Note we do have manuals from The Ohio State University rather than ones listed on the state website. 

Anyone exhibiting Beef, Dairy, Goat, Poultry, Rabbit, Sheep, or Swine must complete Youth Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) Certification. The curriculum topic changes yearly and this is a requirement annually to show at both the Putnam County Fair and Indiana State Fair! To access the YQCA website, you can use your 4honline login and password. One may complete online training at their convenience for $12 or attend a face to face training for $3 (NOTE ADDITIONAL $9 WEB BASED COVID-19 OPTION BELOW RELATED FILES). One can select a face to face meeting on the website. You must complete this within reasonable amount of time (couple days) ahead of the show such that it can be verified that you completed the training by Extension staff and 4-H volunteers. 

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020 livestock enrollment deadline has been bumped back to JULY 1. We highly recommend you do not wait until the last minute for animal enrollment or YQCA. Make sure you are able to log onto the website with your user name which should be your email and a password that you created if you enrolled your child online. You may also reset your 4honline password at the in.4honline.com website. YOU MUST UPLOAD ANIMAL PICTURES INTO 4HONLINE IF YOU PLAN TO SHOW AT ISF!

There are worksheets that appear similar to the previously used animal enrollment paper forms. WE CANNOT ACCEPT THESE WORKSHEETS TO ENROLL YOUR LIVESTOCK. These worksheets were designed to allow you to record information and later enter it into the computer by going to https://in.4honline.com to enroll your livestock. 

Proper Livestock Purebred Registrations for 4-H  

For those in the process of registering or acquiring registered breed stock, keep in mind that for 4-H, a member may use any of the following seven forms of wording. Acceptable registrations are (1) in the 4-H member’s name, (2) John Smith & Sons, (3) John Smith, Sons & Daughters, (4) John Smith & Family (family includes sons, daughters, and legal guardian youth only), (5) Mark Smith (brother) & Mary Smith (sister), (6) Family Corporations, where the 4-H member’s name appears as a holder of stock in the corporation and proof of the same must be supplied on or before the enrollment date, (7) Family partnership where the 4-H’ers father, mother, brother, sister, aunt, uncle, grandparent, and/or legal guardian is also in the family partnership and the 4-H member’s name appears on the legal, notarized partnership. A copy of the written document must be submitted to the Extension office before the enrollment deadline.

2020 Required Animal ID by Species

Indiana State Fair requirements include uploading a photo via in.4honline.com and submitting a DNA hair sample for specific beef, goat, sheep and swine livestock eligible entries. View these video examples for obtaining beef DNA sample, sheep/goat DNA samples, and swine DNA samples. Update: Due to COVID-19, in 2020 all 4-H families will be tagging their own sheep/goats demonstrated in this video showing Shearwell RFID 840 tags and also county tags. Sheep and goats can be scheduled to come to office and tagged in the parking lot area of the Extension office. The Extension office has sample envelopes. 

See below in "related files" a document listing the 2020 livestock identification requirements to be entered into in.4honline.com for eligibility at the 4-H animal shows for both the Putnam County and the Indiana State Fair. Note for 2020 the deadline will be JULY 1 due to COVID-19. 

These ID types are required to be in Indiana 4‐H Online by the respective deadline. Any of these IDs that are missing, incomplete or incorrect could result in state fair  ineligibility.

Key deadline dates for animal enrollment are:

New 2020 JULY 1 online enrollment must be completed for all Beef and Dairy Steers. 

Curbside Service by Appointment 765-653-8411 will be the process for sheep and goat tagging as 4-H families tag their own animals in Extension office parking lot. No retinal scanning beginning in 2020. 

New 2020 JULY 1 online enrollment must be completed for all other species online and DNA hair samples submitted to the Extension office if going to state fair. 

The website will not allow for late animal entry so you will not be able to enroll livestock late or following the deadline! 

To be eligible to sell livestock at the Putnam County Fair 4-H Livestock Auction, youth must have a Youth Quality Care of Animals (YQCA) certification and have exhibited the animal at the county fair. 

Also please go to the animal project website for each species on our project page for additional animal enrollment and policy info specific to each species. Another great resource is the Purdue University website specifically designed for Indiana 4-H livestock. This site has video and other how to resources to aid in animal enrollment and identification. 


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