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Cats (2020)

June 24, 2020
Cat 2020

4-H Cat Department

Judging Time:  Monday, July 13th,

 9:30 a. m.  York Automotive Group Community Building — West

Contact Extension Office  – Phone # 765-653-8411 with questions. 

RULES: Read pages 23-25 regarding General Animal/Exhibition Rules and the Record Sheets policy requiring Leader signature and record.

  1. A 4-H member may enroll to show a maximum of two cats, as long as the cats are not in the same class. Each 4-H member may show only his/her cat or the family cat. The 4-H’er also has the option to enroll in the cat animal poster project. Posters must be educational and follow guidelines listed below.
  2. The cat(s) and/or kittens must be owned, in the possession, care and feeding of the 4-H member by May 15th.
  1. All cats must have valid Certificate of Vaccination (4-H-777-W). This Certificate of Vaccination must be signed by the Extension educator and a licensed, accredited veterinarian, and it must be available at check-in. The certificate must be presented prior to any 4-H cat exhibition. Vaccinations must be at least two weeks before the show and within one year of the show. All cats must be free of fleas, fungus, ear mites, or other communicable disease. See the health terms and conditions section printed in the front of the Indiana State Fair handbook for further details.
  1. Cat(s) may be purebred or grade animals (household pet).
  2. All 4-H cats with claws must have their nails clipped.
  3. It is recommended that all 4-H cats, other than pedigreed breeding stock, be spayed or neutered.
  4. Exhibitors will be responsible to maintain and care for the 4-H cat while at the Putnam County 4-H Cat Show. This includes proper removal of any waste.
  5. Exhibitors must provide water/feed containers, carrying case, towels or curtains to drape their cage, litter box and litter, and other appropriate grooming aids.
  6. It is required that cats be brought to and taken from the show in a carrying case. When the cat is not in the carrying case it must be on leash, except for the actual time it is being judged. Please do not use paper/cardboard boxes as carriers.
  7. Pregnant or lactating female cats will not be permitted to show.
  8. 4-H cats will be removed from their cages during judging. The 4-H member will stay and watch his or her cat being judged, then return the cat to its cage. If a 4-H cat is not on the judging table at the time the class is judged, it will not be judged.
  9. The 4-H’er and/or his/her parent(s) should not speak with the judge unless conversation is initiated by the judge.
  10. Cats must be taken home following official release at the end of the 4-H cat show.
  11. 4-H cats shall not be left unattended at any time in either the fair facilities or in an automobile.
  12. Record Sheets are to be submitted by method set by superintendent.
  13. 16. The final date for all paperwork to be signed, which includes Certificate of Vaccination, record sheet and books, is at the July meeting. No exceptions. If you cannot attend the July meeting, it is the 4-Hers responsibility to contact the leader as well as the Extension office for the required signatures, NO PAPERWORK will be signed on the day of the show.  Certificate of Vaccinations that are not signed by the leader and Extension office will be void and therefore 4-Her will be unable to show the cat.
  14. 4-Her must dress appropriately for show. No shorts allowed. Jeans must be free of holes.  Shirts are to be without design unless it is 4-H related.

**Pictures will be taken of the Exhibitors and their cats upon completion of judging and will be displayed during the fair.




A household cat is 8 months of age or older on the day of the show. A household kitten is aged between 3 and 8 months of age on the day of show.

The following is the class listing:


CT LK      Long Hair Kitten

CT LC      Long Hair Cat

CT SK     Short Hair Kitten

CT SC     Short Hair Cat


Long Haired – cats whose coat has long top hairs, with a thick wooly undercoat. The length of hair on a cat’s tail is often used as a determining factor. Hair length is normally 1-1/2” long or more.

Short Haired – cats whose coat has only short hairs, a smooth, textured coat. Cat tail hair is usually less than 1-1/2” in length.

Note: Indiana State Fair entry may be completed at www.Indianastatefair.com. Please refer to the online Indiana State Fair handbook for additional exhibit requirements and regulations because they may be different from the county fair exhibit classes.



The purpose of this 4-H activity is to help 4-H members become more aware of cat fanciers knowledge, show techniques and related management. Exhibitor may only enter one cat in showmanship.

Juniors - Grades 3-4-5 BU-08148…”Purrr-fect Pals!”

Intermediates - Grades 6-7-8…BU-08149 ”Climbing Up!” and”Purrr-fect Pals”

Seniors - Grade 9 & above… BU-08150”Leaping Forward,” ”Climbing Up!,” and ”Purrr-fect Pals”

  1. Reference material may not be used during the activity by participants.
  2. Questions for the activity will be taken from one or more of the following publications listed by specific grade level. Showmanship Divisions are based on the 4-H’er’s grade in school on January 1st of the current year.
  3. Knowing answers to the following sample questions increase and help appropriately prepare the 4-H member for participation in this activity:

Sample Questions:

  1. Once a 4-H’er has won a showmanship grade based level, they must advance to the next level in subsequent years. The successful winning showman will remain in the advanced level for the next year and future years of the showmanship class, until they win again or advance to the next grade level.


Note: A poster may be an option for 4-H members unable to show their cat.

Exhibit Poster OPTION:

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