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ENVIRONMENT: What Has a Fly with a Flu to Do with You?

May 18, 2020
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Viruses are at the top of nearly everyone’s list of concerns right now, and understandably so. COVID-19 has wreaked havoc within our medical community and our current way of life. Ripple effects to our economy are yet to be determined – huge ramifications for such a tiny, sub-microscopic “bug.” Viruses are so small that 100 or more can exist in the shadow of a single bacterium. Only a very powerful and sensitive microscope can visually detect them.

As far as science can tell, viruses have always existed. There is no getting away from them. There are literally millions of them, and they are everywhere in the world. Though most are innocuous, there are always some that can invade and infect the living cells of other life forms. Once inside, they multiply by replicating themselves again and again using the host’s biological mechanisms.

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