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4-H Enrollment Now Open for 2020-21

October 7, 2020
4-H Grows Here


Need to find a club near you or have questions? Check out our Family Resource Guide at: http://bit.ly/PC4HFamilyResourceGuide.

Learn more about the 4-H projects (topic/subject matter areas) we offer in our handbook at: http://bit.ly/PorterCo4HHandbook

Want to find out the latest news in the Porter County 4-H Program? Check out our weekly updates at: http://bit.ly/PorterCo4HNews

Still have questions? Email 4-H Youth Development Extension Educator Joan Grott at joangrott@purdue.edu


Online Enrollment Now Open

Enroll your K-12 child in 4-H at http://v2.4honline.com. Please check out the step-by-step instructions that are downloadable at the bottom of this page. When using 4HOnline, DO NOT USE Internet Explorer. Use Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari.

COUNTY PROGRAM FEE is $5 for K-12th grade 4-Hers

STATE PROGRAM FEE is $15 for 3rd-12th grade 4-Hers (families enrolling more than three 3rd-12th graders will be provided a discount for state program fees, which is calculated during the 4HOnline enrollment process.

Program fees are non-refundable and help keep our program operating... and they minimize (though don't eliminate) our need for fundraisers! Your one-time per year program fee opens all facets of the world of 4-H: participation in traditional community (township) clubs, special interest "Spark" clubs, the Porter County Fair, and more!

ATTENTION: Paying online with your credit card rather than selecting to pay by check expedites your active status. Your enrollment is not active until your payment is received at Purdue. Your enrollment must be active to submit state scholarships in January, enroll your cattle in February, and more. 


Follow us on Social Media

www.facebook.com/PorterCounty4H: County 4-H Program account

twitter.com/PorterCounty4H: County 4-H Program account

instagram.com/portercounty4H: County 4-H Program account

www.facebook.com/JoanGrott: 4-H Youth Development Extension Educator Joan Grott



4-H Marketing Resources for Leaders

We encourage you to reach out to your local schools, churches, and businesses to help spread the word that it’s nearly time to get signed up for 4-H. We have yard signs available once again at the office. Also, you can access marketing resources, such as editable flyers, posters, social media assets, and more! Find it at: http://4-h.org/professionals/marketing-resources/#!4h-marketing-assets (You’ll need to sign-up by providing your email address in order to access the materials.) Check it out and/or just contact the office and let us know what sort of flyers, posters, or brochures you would like to distribute in your community.




4-H Grows #TrueLeaders

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