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When we think of a person being social, we tend to think that they may attend parties, events, or other gatherings, and not think much about their living arrangements. However, the term "social" with bees or wasps refers to insects that form an elaborate nest and function as a colony. This behavior is opposed to solitary bees that form a single nest for rearing young, do their own thing, and rarely sting.
hover fly
Hover flies are prevalent again this year, as they were last year. They are particularly numerous around corn and soybean fields. But don't fear, they can't sting.
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If you want to sharpen your gardening skills and you have an interest in sharing your knowledge with others, Purdue University has the ideal program for you. Beginning September 6, 2016, a Purdue Master Gardener "Basic Training" series will be offered for residents of Noble and Whitley Counties and surrounding areas.
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The Purdue Master Gardener Program is an integral part of the Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service and provides the residents of Indiana a chance to grow. Under the guidance and support of Purdue Extension, selected residents of a county voluntarily begin a training program specifically designed to prepare them to help others grow.
Have you heard of Noble County Farm to Fork? Check out this video of Farm to Fork, made by our Summer Intern, Tyler Boganwright.

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