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If you want to sharpen your gardening skills and you have an interest in sharing your knowledge with others, Purdue Extension has the ideal program for you. Beginning September 14, 2015, a Purdue Master Gardener "Basic Training" series will be offered for residents of Noble and Whitley Counties and surrounding areas.
Homeowners and barn owners may be wondering what has drilled holes in their fascia board just under the dripline of their roof, in boards underneath barn siding, or similar locations. Purdue expert Timothy Gibb said large, black bees hovering around and drilling holes into homes, out-buildings, wooden furniture and decks during May and June are carpenter bees.
Indiana has a state flower, a state tree, and a state bird. Will we soon have a state insect?
A popular smaller tree for landscapes of many northern Indiana homeowners is the crabapple. Many people select ornamental trees based solely on their ornamental qualities, such as flower color or form. But, consideration of disease resistance is also an important thing to keep in mind when choosing a new variety for your yard.