A Purdue expert recently said that now is a good time to survey your landscape and decide what needs pruning following potential freeze injury late this winter, keeping in mind that not all plants need to be trimmed.
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The Noble County 4-H Jr Leaders are selling flowers to raise money to support their philanthropic projects and group activities. Orders must be placed by April 28.
Recent damaging winds have some homeowners scrambling to repair homes or other buildings, and they may also be wondering what to do with damaged landscape trees. Not to be a pessimist, but as an Indiana resident, we can just about count on a few more spring storms, can't we?
Invasive species awareness is an important thing all year long. Increasingly, invasive insects, plants and other organisms are challenging our natural areas by out-competing or decimating native populations. This is very important to local woodland owners, conservationists, and others.
After years of experience, we know that some questions get asked frequently. These are the top 50+ questions the Purdue Extension office in many counties typically receive. If you have a question that you feel may be a common question relating to agriculture, natural resources, pest control, home lawn and garden, or other similar field, start here.
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