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Boer Goat

January 6, 2020


4-H'ers must turn in a completed GRADE APPROPRIATE QUESTION/ANSWER SHEET, or an ACTIVITY SHEET THAT HAS BEEN COMPLETED AT A LIVESTOCK WORKSHOP, and a completed, signed record sheet on or before June 29, 2020, 4:00 PM to the Extension Office.  No records, or late/incomplete record sheets/manuals/Q & A sheets will result in an exhibit being considered for EXHIBITION ONLY—NO PLACING/NO AUCTION.

1. All Boer Goats must be identified in the Indiana 4-H Online Animal ID system by May 15. The online animal ID website is located at:

Prior to, but by May 1st, animals must be owned and cared for by the 4-H member, and remain under the same continuous ownership or lease agreement until show day of the Noble County Fair. Animals not owned must be on a completed lease form that will be turned into the Extension Office by May 15th. Breeding stock only may be leased. The 4-H member must own market wethers.

2. a. All wethers and market does MUST be individually identified per State Fair guidelines (ear tagged) at the designated time and location set up by the 4-H Goat Committee to be eligible to show. All non 4-H tags must be covered. Tape will be provided by the 4-H Boer Goat Committee. 

3. A registration certificate is required for all Boer and Boer percentage goats (except for wethers, market does and commercial does.)

4. a. A readable tattoo corresponding to the numbers on the registration certificate must be found in all Boer and Boer percentage does intended for reproductive purposes.
    b. A copy of registration papers and lease agreement must be turned into the 4-H Boer Goat Committee by May 15th (if goat is not owned by 4-H’er).
    c. Under 3 month old registered does must show dams registration papers.

5. Wethers and market does will be shown in the same class designated by weight. They may be exhibited at any weight, but should weigh 50 pounds or more to be sold through the auction, unless the support buyer is in agreement to a lesser weight. All market does need to be clipped to 1/4 inch or less at time of check in.

6. Wethers should be castrated no less than 6 weeks before the Fair.

7. All wethers and market does must be shown with their milk teeth in place.

8. All market wethers are highly recommended to be disbudded. (Breeding stock animals are allowed to have horns.)

9. Classes will be: (Boer and Boer percentage does will be exhibited together in classes according to age, minimum of 3 goats per class)

    A. under 3 months of age
    B. 3 months of age to under 6 months of age
    C. 6 months of age to under 9 months of age
    D. 9 months of age to 12 months of age
    E. Junior Champion and Reserve Champion Does
    A. 12 months of age to under 16 months of age
    B. 16 months of age to under 20 months of age
    C. 20 months of age to under 24 months of age
    D. Yearling Champion and Reserve Champion Does
    A. 24 months of age to 36 months of age
    B. 36 months of age and older
    D. Noble County Born and Raised Doe
    D. Senior Champion and Reserve Champion Does
  4. COMMERCIAL DOES: (No registration papers required for these classes)
    A. Classes will be divided by weight.
    B. No bracing.
  5. MARKET DOES (shown by weight):
    A. Classes will be divided by weight.
    B. Number of classes will depend on number of animals weighed in. (May have Light, Medium and Heavyweight classes).
    C. If a doe is entered as a Commercial Doe, she may be switched to the Market Doe class for the Noble County Fair only.
  6. WETHERS: (Shown by weight)
    A. Classes will be divided by weight.
    B. Number of classes will depend on number of animals weighed in. (May have Light, Medium and Heavyweight classes).

10. All animals must meet the State Health Requirements. (See Heath Requirement Section of your 4-H handbook).

11. Goats are to be brought to the fair between 8:00 AM and 6:00 PM on Monday of the fair. Goats will be weighed in, and papers/tattoos checked on Monday, around 6 PM, following sheep weigh in. Animals not being sold in the auction will be released at 4 PM on Thursday of the Fair.

12. The showmanship competition will be divided into classes as follows: Rookie, Junior, Intermediate, Senior, Premier.

13. A Boer goat project member may sell only 1 wether or market doe in the 4-H auction, which was exhibited in the 4-H show.

14. Animals are to be properly fed, watered and kept bedded while at the fair. If they are not, the exhibitor will not be allowed to show them.

15. A pen fee of $10.00 will be charged per pen, with $5.00 refunded if pen is cleaned out before conclusion of the auction. All Boer Goats MUST be stalled in the designated area.

16. Boer Goat project members are expected to stay in the goat barn for the duration of the show.

17. Exhibitor limited to three (3) entries per class. Additional handlers must be 4-H members.

18. Animals may be shown in only 1 regular market or breeding class.

19. All Indiana State Fair rules are applicable at the Noble County Fair.

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