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November 29, 2018


Newton County Music Packet containing Music Activities Log and Music Memories. Turn in completed General Record sheet, 4-H 528, with your project.

The purpose of this project is to have fun downloading music, singing or playing music, or performing dance. All music activities, including classroom music, private lessons, family and community activities and church music as well as others are included. Dance activities include guard and drill team as well as tap, clogging, line, square, ballet, ballroom and similar activities. When you are making and enjoying music you are also learning an important life skill.


NOTE: This project does not involve a required talent contest or public performance, however members may perform a vocal, instrumental, or dance piece at 4-H Night. Division winners will be awarded for vocal, instrumental, and dance, as well as an overall grand champion. To be eligible for an award, 4-Hers must exhibit and perform a vocal, instrumental, or dance piece in pre-judging and the public presentation at the fair.


Beginner (Grades 3-5); Intermediate (Grades 6-8); Advanced (Grades 9-12).


EXHIBIT: Each member may choose one or both of the following activities for completing the project

  1. A notebook (3-ring binder) containing all of the following:
  2. A notebook cover sheet you create for your notebook. Include your name, address, club, project and division.
  3. Dated Music Activities Log. These may be handwritten, and show use over time. They may also be organized on a spreadsheet or in a Word document.
  4. Complete the Music Memories sheet and other materials that you have selected to include in your folder, and tell why you selected them (fun to sing, favorite song, wrote this song, went to the concert, etc.)
  5. Also, include programs of activities you have participated in, photos, or descriptions of these events if no program was published. This section of your notebook with copies of songs and other materials should contain at least 2 pages (4 sides), but no more than 10 pages (20 sides). If you download your own music CD, you may put items about the singer or group on the music memories sheet. Download music only from sites approved by your parent. This section of your notebook following the Music Memories sheet with copies of songs and other materials should contain at least 2 pages (4 sides), but no more than 10 pages (20 sides). CD’s created should be included and CD should have a song list.
  6. Recital of vocal, instrumental, or dance piece:
  7. Pieces for the recital are the choice of the member
  8. Each participant may perform ONE vocal, ONE instrumental piece, or ONE dance piece not to exceed THREE minutes in length. All pieces must be played/sung without any repeats. If an advanced student desires to perform a single lengthy piece, they may perform/play it as written. There will be no time penalties; however, each participant should be prepared for the judge to stop them if their piece goes over the three minute time limit.

Recital will be judged by division during pre-fair judging.

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