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The Monroe County 4-H Newsletter is a great resource for 4-H members, families and volunteers. It is packed with information and resources to educate, inform and motivate 4-H members and families.
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The 4-H General Information page is a great resource for our 4-H members and their families! Learn more about Monroe County 4-H Program.
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The Monroe County Adult Volunteer Update Newsletter is a great resource for 4-H Adult Leaders and Volunteers. It is packed with information and resources to educate and inform the adult volunteers.
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Purdue Extension is now offering this research based curriculum to families across the state of Indiana. This program is available in two formats; online or in person. This program helps parents and caregivers develop plans for respectful, responsive, and responsible co-parenting. The program is designed for separating, divorcing, or non-married parents.
WE Need your input! The community partners of Area 10 Agency on Aging, IU Community Health, and the Purdue Extension Offices of Clay, Owen, and Monroe are working together to gather input and feedback on the needs of caregivers in our communities. We would greatly appreciate the feedback via the online survey link or a hard copy if requested.
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The 2016 4-H Project Book and 4-H Animal Rule Book are your one-stop resource for most questions related to the 4-H exhibition at the fair.The 4-H Project Book lists all projects and their rules, exhibiting and judging, activities, awards, and contact information.The 4-H Animal Rule Book lists all the animal requirements and rules as well as important animal dates and times for the fair.
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4-H Adult Leaders and Volunteers provide leadership and guidance to the local- and county- based clubs in Monroe County.

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