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4-H Beekeeping

March 5, 2020

SUPERINTENDENT: Sarah Ferguson 812-325-8398 or

Monroe County Achievement Record Sheet required

  1. Follow General Poster Rules (see page 12).
  2. No bee hives may be brought to the fair.
  3. Honey water content will be measured. Fill level: the honey should be filled to the jar shoulder.
  4. Chunk honey should go in a wide-mouth jar, preferably one specially made for chunk honey.
  5. Be careful to distinguish "chunk honey"(comb in jar) from "cut comb" (comb only in box).
  6. Honey (including chunk, cut comb and comb) must be collected since the previous fair.


Division 1 (may do 1 to 2 years): Present one of the following topics on a poster:

Division 2 (may do 1 to 2 years): Exhibit one of the following:

Division 3 (may do multiple years):

Exhibit two of the four kinds of honey listed below

  1. Extracted Honey - 2 one-pound jars (glass or clear plastic).
  2. Chunk Honey (comb in jar) - 2 one-pound jars (wide-mouth - glass or clear plastic).
  3. Cut-Comb Honey - 2 one-pound boxes. Boxes are usually 4½” x 4½” in size "
  4. Comb Honey - 2 sections (honey built by bees in frames of wood commonly called "sections." Boxes are usually 4½” x 4½” in size)

Independent Study: Grades 9 - 12

State Fair Entry: ONE entry from Division 1: Unlimited entries from Divisions 2 & 3 (one per exhibitor) may be chosen

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