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Assured Admission: PURDUE FAST START

December 1, 2020
Purdue Fast Start

At Purdue University, we are empowering students to direct their own futures through the free 
PURDUE FAST START PROGRAM which makes higher education more affordable for all.


Many promising students will now have the opportunity to take their first steps toward a Purdue degree with the new Purdue Fast Start program. Through Purdue’s partnership with, a website featuring more than 30 free, high-quality courses, you can gain assured admission into Purdue by earning free college credit. This partnership will create new opportunities for Indiana students to take giant leaps in their education with a new pathway to Purdue University.


To earn acceptance into Purdue, Indiana students can take the Modern States online courses for free. Those who pass a minimum of five corresponding College Board CLEP exams are assured admission to Purdue and will be designated as Klinsky Scholars. Students also will have access to mentors during the program. Make a Purdue University education even more affordable:

For more information, go to:


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