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Here are the schedules for the 2016 Master Gardener class participants.
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The next Purdue Extension Master Gardener classes in Marion County begin in September of 2017.
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Do you have a plant or pest problem? Contact the Master Gardener AnswerLine for answers to lawn & garden questions in central Indiana. Call (317) 275-9292 or e-mail marioncountymg@gmail.com.
Purdue Extension-Marion County Demonstration Garden
Purdue Extension-Marion County Master Gardeners work with staff to design, plant and maintain this garden. It demonstrates how to grow food and ornamental plants. Gardeners can see and learn about plants adapted to Indiana and how to care for them. They can see award-winning flowers & vegetables as well as vegetable gardening techniques.
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This document covers the policies governing the Purdue Master Gardener program in Indiana.
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There were 56 Marion County Master Gardeners who received Master Gardener Growth Awards for their efforts in 2015.
PEMC Demonstration Garden 08/20/14
Are you looking for a speaker on a yard or garden topic for your organization or group? Contact Purdue Extension-Marion County.

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