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Master Gardener Growth Awards
Congratulations to the 54 Marion County Master Gardeners who received Master Gardener Growth Awards for their efforts in 2017!
We help create, support, and grow urban and community gardens by providing essential information and resources.
To grow good plants, you need good soil. The only way to tell what your soil really needs is to take a soil test. Applying too much fertilizer could be detrimental to your plants. You could waste money or pollute the environment. Adding too little fertilizer or the wrong fertilizer could produce little or no results. Therefore, for optimum plant growth, it is highly recommended to test your soil pH and nutrient status every 3 to 5 years.
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If you are NEW to gardening, try the City Gardener Program. It is a series of evening classes for new or inexperienced urban gardeners. Come to one session or the whole series.
Lunch and Learning
Want to learn more about a variety of yard and garden topics? Attend our monthly horticulture lunch & learn seminars in Discovery Hall on the Indiana State Fairgrounds.
This webinar series offers current and aspiring vegetable gardeners the opportunity to learn from experts about ways to increase the success and satisfaction of quality vegetable production in their gardens.
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The Purdue Extension-Marion County Spring Garden Clinic is an annual event for gardeners in the Indianapolis area. It is usually held on the last Saturday of February or the first Saturday in March. This year it is February 24, 2018.

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