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What is out biggest fear when it comes to retirement? Well, according to a new survey from the Indexed Annuity Leadership Council, our biggest fear is running out of money. Twenty-five percent of Americans are worried about that. And it's not the first survey to show that trend.
Whether or not we want to admit it, many of us are fascinated by clever infomercials or promotions for the latest gadget or invention. The land of the free is also the home of clever inventors and marketers who work hard to sell products that - they hope - make our life easier.
Scams against seniors and retirees are still rampant. Financial fraud against seniors is estimated to cost about $3 billion a year, according to a MetLife study. And one of the biggest scams this past year has been the IRS impersonation scam.
A person investing for retirement could hold on to tens of thousands of dollars more thanks to a new rule from the Department of Labor. It requires all financial advisers who provide investment guidance on retirement accounts to act in their clients' best interest.

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