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Marion County 4-H Leader Resources

September 26, 2017

4-H Club Community Service Resources

4-H Club Meeting Resources

Information from September 24, 2016 leader training:

Setting Club Goals

Powerpoint the Xiomara presented about goal setting with your 4-H club in PDF format.

This site allows you to create and customize signups for things like fundraisers, snacks for meetings, and RSVP's for events. You can choose to receive email notifications of when someone signs up and reminders will automatically be sent out to those who have signed up prior to the event. This is a free service.

This service allows leaders to set up meeting reminders that will go out by text or alert on the remind app. Leaders share the sign up information and do not have to add or take people off the list. Reminders can be made and scheduled to go out at selected times, so you could do all your meeting reminders for the year at one time if you desired. This is a free service

Information from September 23, 2017 leader training:

Incident Reports, Insurance Claims, & Event Insurance

National Youth Science Day 2017

4-H Officers Handbook (Available at County Office)

National 4-H e-forums




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