For years apples and other ornamental trees have been grafted. Now this technique is becoming more popular in other plants, including vegetables! Grafting is a technique where 2 plants are joined to become one. Nature can do this normally as roots can graft together underground and branches in trees will do this sometimes on their own. In the vegetable industry, there are certain applications where this is used for varieties of tomatoes and cucurbits to overcome challenges.
Come learn about some of the common weeds you may encounter and how to control them. 
Gardener's Grapevine Newsletters
What to prune and how to prune it.
This series offers current and aspiring vegetable growers the opportunity to learn from the experts about ways to increase the success and satisfaction of quality vegetable production in their gardens.
The Lake County Master Gardeners are pleased to announce that they are continuing their scholarship program for the 2017-18 academic year.
This Purdue Extension farm management and grain production series is designed to help current or future farm managers to develop skills to position their farm for future financial success.

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