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Learn how to identify trees and other plants that grow in the forest with the forestry project!
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Interested in bugs? Try the entomology project!
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Learn about all of Earth's interesting layers! Try the geology project.
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If you want to sharpen your gardening skills and you have an interest in sharing your knowledge with others, Purdue University has the ideal program for you.
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The Lake County Indiana Master Gardener Association is providing scholarships to undergraduate college/university students from Lake County, Indiana majoring in Horticulture, Landscape Architecture, Forestry, Botany (Horticulture Equivalent), Plant Pathology, Agricultural Education, and Entomology. Other majors that benefit consumer gardening may be considered if the applicant provides a one paragraph description of how they will use their major to promote the objectives.
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Dive into 4-H with sportfishing! Learn more about fishing, maybe it will become your hobby.
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Get carried away in the weather and climate project in 4-H!

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