Demo & Public Speaking

4-H members have a reputation for strong communication skills, and one reason for that is the tradition of the 4-H Demonstration, where members teach their peers.

Lake County 4-Hers are invited to participate in the Demonstration and Public Speaking Event, to be held Wednesday, May 31, 6 pm at the Extension Office. To register call the Extension Office at 755-3240 by May 14. See your 4-H Handbook for details.


  • Pre-registration is required; no live animals permitted.
  • The topic for public speaking should be anything you like and feel confident talking about.
  • The activity is open to Mini 4-H members and regular 4-H members.
  • Participation in this activity does count for the Horse and Pony 4-part award. Horse and Pony members may still participate in this activity by registering their demo in the companion animal category.

Questions?  Contact Activity Coordinator, Vicky Gianni.